the coke can cake

We had to make a 40th birthday cake for my Tito (that means uncle in Tagalog) but it was hard to come up with ideas for his cake. One night, I was mindlessly browsing the internet and it hit me: he loves Coke! So why not make a cola cake for him? I told my mom that we had to try it just to see how it turns out. Needless to say, there were a few hurdles along the way, but we thought of making a little garden cake with a bunch of empty cola cans thrown on it and my Tito loved it.

The cake part was easy, but somehow, we had to tackle how to make the cake into the shape of a soda can. My mom didn’t really want to be cutting and wasting cake, so we thought: why don’t we just bake the cake in the can? So we emptied out some cans, greased the inside really well and poured red velvet cake batter about 2/3 full. We placed these cans on a baking tray and crossed our fingers. Surprisingly, it turned out really well. We covered the cakes in cream cheese buttercream and wrapped red fondant around it. The silver tops and bottoms were molded around the cans and I painted silver glitter dust on it to make it look more metallic.

The rest of the cake assembly was easy. We placed the soda cans on a rectangular chocolate cake. We placed fondant pieces around the cake to give it the feel of a garden. And lastly, we added grass (piped icing) and a few fondant flowers to finish up the decorations.


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