the lego cake

I could not believe that a year passed so quickly and it was already Adrian’s first birthday. So we were faced with the dilemma of what to make for his birthday cake. We realized that one of his first official toys that he loved was this set of blocks given to him by his sister and once again, I had the crazy idea of turning that into a cake.

The blocks were easy: rectangle pieces covered in fondant with fondant circles placed on top. We used a lot of fondant, but the colors were really fun. Half of the cake was chocolate and banana marble with a banana filling and the other half was an orange cake with a cream cheese buttercream filling. Then, comes the Lego man. My mom got a cake mold for Christmas and we were eager  to use it. However, we didn’t want the Lego man to just be lying down. So again, I had the crazy idea of having him sit up. We cut the cake in half and started covering bits in fondant. Here is the base:

After that, it was just a matter of building up from there and voila: Adrian’s first birthday cake!
Adrian's cake


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