how to make cake pops

Many friends and family who I have given cake pops to have asked me how I make them. There are plenty of different ways and different equipment that you can buy to shape cake pops, but I feel that the way my mom taught me last September is the easiest (though most time consuming) and most fun. It also seems to be sturdier and stays on the stick much better. Plus, because it’s such a flexible method, the flavor possibilities are endless, which is really important to me. Not to mention that there are also so many ways to decorate them!

Anyway, here is the method I use in three easy steps:

  1. First (and I recommend that you do this a couple of days before) is to bake your favorite cake. I mean, just in this step alone, you can have a creative freedom in your flavors! Let the cake cool and leave it out for a day or two so that the cake dries a little. Once it’s cool, if you want to keep it in the fridge or freezer, that’s great too. The beauty of this is that you can make a few cakes in advance and then take it out whenever you need to make some cake pops.
  2. Here’s where the fun begins. At least for me, anyway. Take the cake, and rip it apart until it’s all crumbs. Sometimes, I use a grater and just grate the cake. This works best if the cake you’re using is frozen. Again, after this step, you can freeze the crumbs (or part of the batch) for another time.
  3. Lastly, add your favorite frosting to the crumbs and mix until combined. You want a thick, play-doh type texture. It’s usually about 1 part frosting to 3 parts crumbs. Although, each batch can be slightly different, so you want to start with a little frosting first and add more as needed. You can’t really remove the frosting once you’ve started mixing it in. After that, you just roll them into balls and stick them in the fridge for at least an hour so that it firms up before you decorate it.

Each step doesn’t take that long to do, though I usually do one step per day to allow the cake to dry/harden in between stages. So it seems that making cake pops is tedious, but it really isn’t. With all cooking, a little time management and preparation goes a long way.

Good luck to those who try it! I hope you share your creations and let me know how it goes. I’ll be posting up some of the ones I’ve made in the next few weeks (hopefully!). 🙂 I’m also open for questions, so please comment or email me.


8 thoughts on “how to make cake pops

    • Thank you! You know what though? I am a complete klutz and whenever I make something, it’s all over my clothes by the end of it. So if I can do it, I’m sure you can too with a little bit of practice. Plus, it’s fun to try…even if they don’t turn out all looking perfect, it’ll taste good so it’s definitely a win-win! 🙂

  1. […] Since I didn’t have a lot of time and we happened to have a yellow cake mix in the pantry, I decided to just run with it. I grabbed a lemon from the tree outside, grated some zest into the mix, substituted lemon juice for some of the water and voila! Instant lemon cake from a box that definitely tested homemade! Luckily, we had some cream cheese and butter in the fridge (I think we always have butter in the fridge) so I added some lemon and sugar to that, and using a hand mixer, blended it all together. This is what I used to bind the cake together for the cake pops. By the way, if you want a little refresher, here’s how I make cake pops. […]

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