Aiza pops

For Tita Aiza’s birthday, I wanted to do something different from the cakes we normally make so I decided to try my first batch of cake pops. Fortunately, Tita Aiza is easy to please because she loves chocolate and she loves pink. Hello, theme! I made some chocolate cake pops with chocolate fudge and dipped them in pink, white and chocolate melts. I decorated the white ones with rainbow colored sugar, the chocolate with pink drizzle and lastly, the pink with chocolate crunch letters spelling out AIZA AIZA. 🙂

Here are some of the cake pops while I was waiting for the chocolate and melts to harden:

I packaged the cake pops very simply: just a little baggie over the cake part and a twistie tie to hold it in place. Here they are bundled together, ready for me to take to their house:


2 thoughts on “Aiza pops

  1. […] Since I didn’t have a lot of time and we happened to have a yellow cake mix in the pantry, I decided to just run with it. I grabbed a lemon from the tree outside, grated some zest into the mix, substituted lemon juice for some of the water and voila! Instant lemon cake from a box that definitely tested homemade! Luckily, we had some cream cheese and butter in the fridge (I think we always have butter in the fridge) so I added some lemon and sugar to that, and using a hand mixer, blended it all together. This is what I used to bind the cake together for the cake pops. By the way, if you want a little refresher, here’s how I make cake pops. […]

  2. […] to use blue and chocolate. I got some white nonpareils and decided to do similar decorations to the Aiza pops. For the blue and whites, I simply dipped the cake pop in blue vanilla melts and then dipped the […]

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