the angry bird cupcakes

Tita Anna asked us to make cupcakes for Gab-gab’s 5th birthday. He was having his party at  Chuck E. Cheese and she wanted something that the kids could easily grab and eat. When we asked Gab what theme he wanted, it was an easy decision on his part: Angry Birds.

At first my mom was a little stressed but after she looked at some pictures online of what the Angry Birds actually looked like, she spent one morning while I was in class, making the birds and even some pigs out of fondant. When I came home, here’s what I found on the kitchen table:

We decided to make a big cupcake so that Gab-gab could have a place to blow his candles and have the cupcakes around it. We made a big vanilla crunch flavored cupcake (using chocolate crunch pieces in the batter) and then two different flavors for the cupcakes for the kids: double chocolate chip and cookies and cream (using ground up oreos in the batter). Then it was the fun part: decoration. Here’s how it turned out. Note the little nest and eggs that I made from the leftover fondant on one of the cupcakes. 🙂


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