Rafee pops

When my 12 year old cousin, Rafee (aka Rafeedo to our family), came to visit from the Philippines, he and Tita Peachy were both so in awe of cake pops. So on one of their last days in SF before going home, they went out and spent the day with some of Tita Peachy’s friends and when they came back: voila! Cake pops for Rafee.

The cake was red velvet. For the outside, I definitely wanted to use blue and chocolate. I got some white nonpareils and decided to do similar decorations to the Aiza pops. For the blue and whites, I simply dipped the cake pop in blue vanilla melts and then dipped the top in the white nonpareils. For the blue and browns, I dipped the cake pop in chocolate melts and used a fork dipped in some of the leftover blue vanilla melts to make the pattern on top. For the word Rafee, after dipping the cake pop in the blue vanilla melts, I let it set. Once it set, I used a spatula to write out each letter on top of the cake pop and sprinkled the white nonpareils until they were covered.


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