the calamansi cupcakes

My friend, Cat, sent me a gift.

See, when Alex and I were on our wonderful island hopping trip to the Philippines, one of the stops we made was Boracay. My friend, Choi, told us about this great place on the island (a little hidden but not impossible to find – though I have to admit, walking there from the tricycle, I was definitely scared that someone would come and grab me) call Real Coffee and Tea Cafe. There, apparently, they made some infamous calamansi muffins. There’s a whole story about how Alex and I ended up with 6 dozen muffins, but that’s for another time.

By the way, for those of you who aren’t Filipino and don’t know what calamansi is, it’s a tiny Filipino citrus fruit whose juice is very similar to a lemon. Here’s a picture that I found on the internet:

Anyway, so the other day, Cat found the recipe online and sent it to me. Naturally, I wanted to try it right away. Mine kind of turned out more like cupcakes, so I added a calamansi frosting on top and well, it was delicious.


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