the minecraft cake

Last week, my mom’s friend asked her if should could make a cake and cupcakes for her daughters’ birthday party. Another chance to make a cake? Of course my mom is going to say yes.

Now, a little sidenote here. I will admit that I am a huge nerd. Like, ridiculous. So please do not take the rest of this post the wrong way. Let me continue.

The theme of the cake that the girls wanted was Minecraft. So my mom asks me, “What’s Minecraft?” I had only seen my friend play it for about 10 minutes (he showed me the house he built, killed some sheep and walked around a bit) but I had a slight idea of what it was. Needless to say, I was really surprised by the cake theme idea and asked myself, “Why on earth would they want a Minecraft cake? The graphics are not pretty so what would the cake look like?” Regardless, I Googled some pictures for my mom to see and well, she had the same reaction as me!

We decided to make a cube cake, just like the little square thingies that you can dig up in the game. Which meant that my mom had to cut up a whole bunch of little squares. Over 400 of them to be exact!

The cube cake was red velvet with chocolate chips and a cream cheese frosting. Then after doing that, we realized that the red and white thing was an actual cake in the game. LOL, who would’ve guessed? Certainly not me! So instead of the usual cupcakes surrounding our little cube cake, my mom decided to make square cupcake Minecraft cakes instead. They were chocolate cake with chocolate fudge icing. Here’s how both parts of this Minecraft themed cake turned out:


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