the anatomy cake pops


After a grueling six week anatomy course this summer, I decided to celebrate all of our hard work by attempting to make some anatomy cake pops the night before our final. Which, in itself, was pretty stressful too! It was definitely worth it though. In honor of Roze’s Butterfinger ritual, I decided to make chocolate Butterfinger cake pops. I basically made a chocolate cake and mixed in a Butterfinger with the grated crumbs. [Here’s a little cake pop refresher for those of you that are curious.] I molded these into: lungs, brain (yup, with the longitudinal fissure – it’s upside down in the picture because of the pons/medulla), heart and kidney.

It was actually pretty fun to mold them. However, it was not fun to dip cover them in chocolate. Haha! I used licorice strings (whatever they’re called) for the coronary arteries, bronchi and vessels coming out of the porta hepatis. Oh, and pink sugar to resemble the gyri on the cerebrum. The heart looked gross…not because it didn’t look like a heart, but mostly because it did look like a heart. Haha. Anyway, they turned out okay, but I was only really happy with the kidney’s appearance.

Yup, complete with the renal artery, renal vein and the common hepatic duct! On the upside, my friends in class really enjoyed them (they were delicious and definitely a flavor I would make again) and even our professor was amused. He even took a brain home. He didn’t want to eat it, he just wanted to keep it. Haha!

In the end, we all seemed pretty happy with our grades and having a sweet little novelty is one of my favorite ways to celebrate. Though, now that this class is over, what am I going to do will all this time on my hands? 🙂


3 thoughts on “the anatomy cake pops

  1. Congratulations on making it through your class! A friend of mine just finished an A&P course and she said it was tough – and she didn’t get cake pops at the end of it!!!

    • Thank you! I can totally relate to your friend! When my classmates and I got our grades after the final, you could literally feel the air change around us. It was that much of a relief! 🙂

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