the chocolate chip cookies

Ever since 52 Kitchen Adventures launched the Chocolate Chip Cookie challenge, I’ve been wanting to try the Brown Butter Chocolate Chunk cookie recipe. Today was that day! I started getting everything ready and measured out and then guess what? I went to the canister that holds the brown sugar and of course, it’s empty. 😦

Now, I didn’t want to waste the ingredients that I already measured out, so I had to adapt. Instead of using brown sugar, I substituted it with muscovado. Success! I even got to use my new favorite orange bowl. The picture on the left is my melted butter mixed with muscovado and the picture on the right  are the cookies fresh from the oven.

Here’s the plate of cookies that made my afternoon. 🙂 Thank you, Life Tastes Like Food for sharing this awesome recipe.


2 thoughts on “the chocolate chip cookies

    • Hi Stephanie! Thank you! And thank you both again for sharing it. I would love to participate in the link up but to be honest, I don’t really know much about blogging and how to do it. Could you possibly email me with some instructions, please?

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