the microbe pops

To celebrate the end of microbiology, I decided to make some cake pops for my lab partners. And what better cake pops for micro than our very own edible microbes? I was super excited to make them that I made two different flavors of cake. One was red velvet. I remember because when I told the cute guy in class that the cake pop he chose was that flavor, he (giddily) replied, “Oooh, red velvet is my favorite!” I couldn’t be happier. The other flavor was chocolate fudge orange. Now, I know some people are a little iffy on this flavor, but my classmates and I thought it was super yummy. It’s basically an orange flavored cake with chocolate fudge to bind them into pops. Again, here’s a little how to make cake pops refresher.

Once the pops were firming up in the fridge, I got my decorations ready. I used those colored licorice whips. They’re really great ‘cuz they’re versatile and decent tasting. Plus, I’m not really into putting stuff on food that’s not edible. I also cut up little fondant circles for the eyes. Then, I got my chocolate melting. And yes, I don’t have any fancy equipment…those are glass bowls in a pan with water. Haha!

Next is the fun, dipping part. After dipping the cake pops in the chocolate, I used tweezers to place the eyes and little licorice whips on. It kinda made me feel like a surgeon. Please say hello to my microbe cake pops: Escherichia coli, Chlamydia trachomatis and Streptococcus pharyngitis.

Although, I must admit, I had mixed feelings when that same cute guy from my class comes out after the final, excited to eat his cake pop and said, “You gave me Chlamydia!” Great. Haha.


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