my first attempt at macarons

Ever since I moved back to SF from Sydney, I had been craving some good macarons. I’ve tried a couple around here and although some were good, they weren’t Sydney good. I’ve always wanted to try making them, so I figured that between semesters is probably a good time to tackle that challenge. Let’s just say, it was a disaster.

First off, I had to find a recipe. I never tried it in Sydney, but they say that Zumbo makes the best ones, so I just Googled his recipe. I picked a couple of lemons from the tree outside and decided to try making a lemon flavored macaron. Playing around with the colored dye was fun but wow, my piping skills were (are) terrible. Here’s the before and after baking shot.

Even though they don’t look perfect, I guess I have a few positive takeaways from this experience: 1. They were delicious; 2. The texture was spot on – crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside; 3. The shells didn’t crack; and 4. The shells did get those desired feet. So here they are – my first ever attempt at making macarons after assembling the cookies with the ganache:


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