yellow and green pops

At the beginning of the summer, some friends came over for the day to make cake pops. One of them brought over a lemon cake and we decided to make some with a yellow and green theme. We gathered all the yellow and green candy I had in the drawer of random edible stuff and came up with these. It was all the rave with her family when she brought them home.

Sometimes, I think that just choosing a couple of colors and seeing where that takes you is a great thing to do when practicing making cake pops. You can see which combinations work well together and also test out different designs.

My favorite ones were the margarita cake pops (upper right corner). Instead of making them in a ball, we flattened the top to make it look like a cocktail glass. Cut some colored melts in half and drew small triangles with white chocolate to make them look like lemons and limes. Lastly, coat the top rim with the sugar candy and voila! Don’t they look cute?

Our little 1UP mushrooms (bottom right corner) were also quite successful. Although, next time, instead of using white chocolate chips for the dots, I think I would prefer a flatter white chocolate circle, some white chocolate fondant or even just piping on white chocolate circles directly. These white chocolate chips kinda make it look more like Bowser’s shell. Either way, I think it’s still cute and now I have an idea to make it look even better the next time around.

Bottom line: experimenting is a win-win. Not only can you try a whole bunch of designs, but there’s always cake pops to enjoy at the end of the day.


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