the Chanel inspired cake

Tita Anna’s surprise 40th birthday dinner deserved something a little elegant and very her. She’s a very fashionable woman with a weakness for designer bags. There are a lot of cute cakes out there decorated as designer bags and although we wanted something a little less novelty than a bag, we really wanted to have that designer feel. Now, Tita Anna always teases us about a Chanel bag so we thought, why not make her a Chanel inspired cake for her birthday? So we did.

We made a three layer neopolitan cake (strawberry, chocolate and vanilla) with a corresponding icing layer in between. Stacked them on top of each other and iced it to get ready for the fondant. We rolled out some fondant, placed it over the cake and used a ruler and the rolling crimper tool to give it the quilted pattern. Add some beautiful pink flowers, pearled chocolate balls, a ribbon and voila!

She loved it!

She also loved our surprise dinner at Straights in Burlingame and watching her face light up at the sight of the cake made it all worthwhile! It was also quite amusing to hear some nice comments from strangers saying how cute the cake was (yay!) and a couple of older ladies at the restaurant even asked us if they could take a picture of it. Hehe. Here is the final cake, right before we devoured it!


2 thoughts on “the Chanel inspired cake

    • Thanks! I like the purse that you guys made too! We were thinking about that but because of time constraints, we didn’t think we could get it done in time. Hopefully someday though! If you have any tips, that would be much appreciated!

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