the monster cake

It was Tito Bambi’s birthday again and we couldn’t let it pass without doing something typically birthday-ish. I remember seeing cookie monster type cakes and always wanted to try making one, so we thought that his birthday would be the perfect excuse.

Tito Bambi gets the coolest cakes. First the coke can cake and now this. Haha, why? Because he doesn’t really request a theme. We usually just try to make something we’ve been wanting to for ages on a whim. 🙂

We made a layered chocolate and strawberry cake with strawberry frosting in between. The eyeballs are neopolitan flavored, covered with a green and chocolate marble. We used circles to cut fondant for the cornea and pupil and sprinkled some sugar candy to give the iris some color. For the hair, we used the following icing tip – 234. It can also be used to ice grass and other stringy designs.

After all that, here’s how the monster cake turned out:

I definitely want to make another one some day. Maybe an orange one? Or with alternating blue and purple hair! Does anyone have any other ideas? Please comment below – I would love to hear them!


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