the macaron experiment

Ok, now that I had completed my first batch of what I call “trial” macarons, I was ready to experiment with different flavors and present them at a family/friends BBQ. The pressure was on!

From the request of various Titas, I first attempted a pistachio macaron. Easy enough! I think it’s the least temperamental of flavors. I took the basic macaron recipe and substituted 45grams of the almond meal/flour for ground up pistachios. I added some green food coloring to the mix and voila! We have created pistachio! Next, was my bright idea of caramel macchiato. A little harder to stabilize because the coffee makes the egg batter a little more runny. For this macaron, I added a shot of organic espresso, which I got from one of my favorite local coffee joints, Never Too Latte. Since the egg mixture does get a little runnier, it takes a little longer to dry up. But let me tell you, the wait is totally worth it. Fill these with your favorite ganache (adding in some more ground up pistachios) and caramel recipes respectively and you have two great macaron flavors.

Because there were going to be some kids at our family/friends BBQ, I threw in a batch of pink velvet (pink coloring with chocolate ganache) for them, which ironically, the adults also gobbled up! Unfortunately, those shells cracked a little – I think I got overly excited – but all in all, this batch turned out pretty delicious. The box of about 40+ macarons turned into a box of crumbs within minutes of dessert.


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