chocolate hazelnut roses

When we were making Juwa’s birthday cake for the weekend (upcoming post, btw!), there was a little bit of extra chocolate cake batter left over, which we decided to make into cupcakes. We ended up with just 6 cupcakes but I thought it would be the perfect chance to practice making icing roses.

I took some of the basic vanilla buttercream icing (here’s an example of a basic recipe) that we made and well, I have a confession. I kinda cheated a little bit. I added a little bit of Nutella to flavor it. A little Nutella goes a long way, so the ratio was approximately 2 tbs to 1 cup of icing. Keep in mind that this was at about 10pm and we still had Juwa’s cake to decorate for the day after. Anyway, I thought it would go perfectly with the chocolate cupcake and I was not mistaken! In fact, it tasted so good (even approved by my 11 year old cousin) that we decided to make it the filling for Juwa’s birthday cake too!

To make the rose design on the cupcake, I used a Wilton 1M star tip (and I believe you can use any other star shaped tip). You make sure that the tip is vertical – pointing down and perpendicular to the cupcake surface. Start in the middle and slowly swirl around in a snail pattern. Easy as that!


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