the Avengers cake

Last weekend was Juwa’s 5th birthday. It was a great party at Bounce A Rama in Great Mall. Though, being there, I really wish I was a kid again. I was too old and tall (believe me, being a typical Filipino girl, I have never been too tall to be on anything before!) to go on any of the slides/jumping castles. How sad! Luckily, I had Adrian and Nico (when they weren’t scared) and I was the “adult” who was watching them on the little kiddie castles in the other room. Boy, I feel old!

Anyway, we wanted a simple cake for Juwa and he’s totally into The Avengers right now, so we decided to make an Avengers themed cake. We started with three small circle cakes of chocolate, banana and (the cheating) funfetti flavors. In between the two layers of each cake, we put in the Nutella buttercream that I used on the rose iced cupcakes. Then, we iced each cake in three different colors.

Earlier that week, we made three toppers for the cakes: one representing Captain America, one representing Iron Man and one representing (my favorite!) Thor. These are just cut up fondant shapes using circle, star and square cutters once each color was rolled out.

We placed these toppers on top of each circle cake and just like that, it’s done. I think this is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make a cute, themed cake. Here’s how it turned out:


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