the experiment is just beginning

Since my first big batch of macarons went over so well, a couple of friends asked me to make some for upcoming birthday parties. One was for her mom’s 60th birthday and the other was for a kid’s birthday party. Well, guess what? They ended up being on the same weekend! So, yes, I had to make five dozen (yup, you read right!) while juggling an impacted summer anatomy course. Yup, that means I also had case studies, a midterm and a lab midterm to study!

All good! Well, stressful, but I think I strive on deadlines. Otherwise, I just end up procrastinating by booty off! Anyway, luckily, I had some good practice and my shells turned out pretty amazing!

Some tips for the shells that I learned during all the trial and error:

  • Try not to underbeat the eggs. The mixture looks too runny and it takes forever to dry.
  • Try not to overbeat the eggs. This happens when it starts to look like how you would beat eggs for pavlova. If this happens, the shells will crack when you bake them.
  • Even if you underbeat or overbeat the eggs, they’ll still taste delicious, so don’t waste the batch by throwing it out. Personally, I think it’s a great excuse to eat every single one and not share!
  • Let the shells cool before attempting to take them off the tray. Otherwise, they may stick or break, which will be sad to ruin a perfectly good looking macaron shell.

Despite the craziness, I was able to make all five dozen: pistachio, pink velvet and ube (for those of you that don’t know what ube is, it’s the purple yam).

Now, what other flavors can I try to make?


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