the hello kitty candy cake

Last year, Dani was obsessed with candy. Obsessed.

So naturally, on her birthday, we had to make her a candy cake. It was actually pretty simple. The cake was red velvet (her favorite) and we iced it with a white cream cheese frosting. Since candy is so bright and colorful, starting with a clean cake is best. I went to the store and grabbed some of her favorites: sour strawberry, gobstoppers, nerds, mints. We also made candy and lollipops out of fondant. We kinda just went for it with the decorating and then placed a cute marshmallow hello kitty lollipop to bring it all together.

Oh, and we also placed some cotton candy on top but since the moisture from the frosting makes it globby, we had to put it in at the last minute and unfortunately, forgot too take a picture of it. Regardless, you get the idea!


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