the farewell summer macarons

After a strenuating impacted summer anatomy course, I rewarded myself with a road trip down to LA with my gbf. We drove down to visit one of our friends (and had a mini Sydney reunion) and stayed with her for the weekend. It was a short trip – we drove down Friday, spent Saturday at the house and drove back up on Sunday – but it was definitely worth it. BBQ, pool, alcohol and friends was the best way to spend that Saturday under the sun. I mean, look at the place that we stayed! Who wouldn’t love that?

Now back to the macarons. I knew I had to make some summer flavors for the party and my friend wanted to try some Filipino flavors, so I decided to try pastillias de leche (sweet cream/sugar), buko (young coconut) and the summer classic, neopolitan. First, I had to gather some great ingredients and make some ganache.

Then, of course, I had to make some shells. I decided to make some plain shells for the pastillias, one plain and one chocolate shell for the neopolitan, and I added some dried coconut (you can use desiccated for those living down under!) for the buko ones. Any additional flavors that I add to the shells, I usually substitute for about 10% of the almond flour in the recipe.

Then it was time to assemble. I didn’t use any coloring in the shells because I wanted to keep the colors natural for the summer, but if you want a better contrast, I would definitely add some red coloring to the strawberry ganache, as well as adding some brown to the chocolate. It’s currently only colored by the cocoa powder.

The chocolate didn’t rise as much as the other shells (I think I put too much cocoa in there), but the tops were still smooth and of course, they were yummy! So finally, all three flavors together for my summer macaron ideas!

P.S. I apologize for the poor quality of the pictures!


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