my birthday present to you!

Last week was my birthday! I didn’t do anything extravagant like last year (my friends and I took a beach trip to surf in San Diego), just a little dinner with family. Luckily, it was also another friend’s birthday party so I just piggybacked on the celebration and we spent it dancing the night away. Great times.

My mom made a simple marble bundt cake (which was really yummy) and my 11 year old cousin, Dani, decorated it. Of course, she used sugar crystals in all of our favorite colors.

Anyway, in honor of my birthday, I thought it would be nice to give y’all a little birthday present. Ok, so we all know how cute and perfect macarons can look. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter what size or even shape macarons are as long as two important things are met:

  1. They taste amazing, and
  2. Each batch has a consistent look

Since most of us struggle trying to pipe macarons into perfect little circles, a good way to keep the shell sizes consistent is to use a template. I find that two sheets of paper fit almost perfectly on a 11″ x 15″ tray under your silicone mat and that is what I do. So here is my birthday present to you – a couple of my personal macaron templates! Just print off a couple of sheets and you’re well on your way to making some wonderfully looking macarons.

Thank you to everyone that’s visited my blog! Enjoy and happy baking!


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