the camera cake pops

Tito Mike is the camera guy. He has all the latest equipment and is always prepared to capture that great shot. So naturally, for his birthday, I had to make him SLR cake pops. Plus, I had gotten some black candy melts from Michael’s and I had been waiting for the perfect excuse to use it. Suffice it to say, melted black candy melts does NOT look appetizing. But my camera cake pops definitely do, if I do say so myself!

I got some vanilla and chocolate cake crumbs and mixed it with a vanilla buttercream as the base for my cake pops. I then scooped equal amounts and shaped them into an SLR camera. While these set in the fridge, I got some rectangle and circle fondant cutouts ready.

camera cake pops prep

Now, here comes the hard part: dipping the cameras in the candy melts. This step is hard because you need to tap the lollipop stick to get the excess chocolate off the cake pop. However, because the cameras aren’t a circle shape, tapping the lollipop stick also gives the cake pops a chance to break off completely. So you have to be very careful. Once they were covered though, it was just a matter of sticking the fondant pieces on for some detail. The circles represented the lens and the button used to take pictures (does that have an actual name?) and the rectangle was for the viewing screen in the back. If I had more time, I would’ve liked to melt some white chocolate and add even more detail to the cameras but as a first attempt in making these, I think they turned out pretty nicely.

camera cake pops


3 thoughts on “the camera cake pops

    • Thanks, Laura! Uhmm, I guess my only tip is to make sure that the cake crumbs aren’t too dry…if you don’t have enough icing to stick them together, then it will crumble and fall apart. The other thing I do is start with one circle/ball and mold or shape from there. That way, small parts don’t fall off that easily compared to if you mold something in a few smaller parts and try to piece them together. Lastly, try to look at pictures of what other people have done. If they’re successful, you can pick up some ideas and if it’s not totally successful, you can try to avoid those mistakes too. Hope that helps and thanks so much for visiting!

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