the pink and black pops

My mom’s coworker had a niece that was celebrating her 15th birthday and asked me to make 60 cake pops for the party. Sixty!! I’ve never made that many cake pops at once. I think the most was Dani’s bday pops, which I believe totalled only 26. Luckily, my lola (grandma) was in town visiting and she really wanted to help so at least I didn’t have to do it on my own.

I asked what the theme of the party was and my mom’s coworker said that she would send over some of the ribbons they were using and I could decide what to do from that. When I saw that she sent over pink, black and white dotty ribbons, I could not be happier. Naturally, I kept with the pink, black and white theme and I think that the cake pops turned out quite nicely.

Pink, black, white cake pops

I used both pink and white chocolate for the coating of the cake pops. To decorate, a used a combination of pink sugar, white nonpareils and the pink/black/yellow nonpareil mixture. This was the first layer in the box, but I assure you, we filled it up pretty easily.

Pink black white cake pops 2


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