the pink & green macarons

Let’s combine the last two color themes into one great box of japsierons.

Green: pistachio – this is probably my most ordered flavor. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of pistachio but a wide range of people like it and I am quite happy to make it.

Pink: pink velvet – this is my velvet-y chocolate flavor. I initially made the color of it pink because I thought it was much cuter, but I recently found some brown color at one of my favorite stores, Sur La Table, so I am going to slowly transition chocolate into brown colored macarons. But first, I must think of a new flavor for the pink ones.

Any suggestions totally welcome!

pink and green macarons


2 thoughts on “the pink & green macarons

    • Definitely not too obvious. I was thinking strawberry or raspberry but it seems so far that raspberry was getting more traction. I guess I might just save strawberry for the Neapolitan flavor. 🙂 Thanks heaps for the input. 🙂

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