the butterfly garden cake

It was that time again: my inaanak (Goddaughter)’s birthday. She turned 12 this year and before her birthday, I asked her what kind of cake she wanted. Her response? The same as last year! “What?” I answered, “We can’t have that! Something else?” To which she replied…


“No, butterflies!”

“And candy!”

Haha. So I compromised and surprised her with a fantasy butterfly garden cake, completely made of candy. Well, the butterflies were made from using fondant and a butterfly cutout, plus some sprinkles. But everything else on the cake (except for the ribbon and the “Dani’s Garden” sign were just a few of her favorite candies. Hmph, then again, ALL candy is her favorite, so I guess anything would’ve worked but I chose these for a little fantasy garden.

Dani's butterfly garden cake

Success! Yessssss!

On a side note, for those of you who like to bake for the little ones, using candy to decorate cakes is a great idea. First of all, it’s easy. Just think of a good theme and find the right candies and you can make any scene come to life. Secondly, after Dani blew out her candles, we just let all the kids attack the cake, picking out whatever candy they wanted and giving out slices after. The kids love it. I mean, let’s face it, how many kids have tried to poke their finger into icing and lick it, while all the adults yell out, “Ooooh…nooooo!” This way, not only do they love the cake, they feel like they’re part of the experience with the birthday celebrant! You should’ve heard all the kids giggling in awe that they were actually allowed pick at the cake! Anyway, hope you guys try it sometime and if you do, please share your creations!


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