the minion cakes

When I was in Michigan, I took my 12 year old cousin, Icee, to watch Pacific Rim. During the commercials before the movie, he was looking at random stuff on his phone. He showed me a picture of a minion cake and said, “Ate Jap, can you make this?” For my little cousins? Of course!

Luckily, I was off the next day and we took a trip to the grocery to buy some ingredients. I made a simple chocolate chip cake using a 13 x 8 ” pan and then cut it in half to make two smaller minions. Made some icing, grabbed some food coloring, chocolate chip cookies and melted chocolate and voila! I present Icee’s minion cakes.

Minion cakes

Since there was only four of us in the house, we ended up giving the other cake to Icee’s “girlfriend” (haha, he hates that we call her his girlfriend!) and I’m happy to say that she enjoyed it too. Success!


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