the cookie monster cake

One thing that my inaanak (Goddaughter) and I have in common is our weakness for cookies. I love me a delicious cookie, especially the freshly baked kind. And so does she.

So for her birthday this year, I decided that I would surprise her with, of course, a cookie monster cake. ‘Cuz let’s face it: that’s exactly what we both are.

I baked two 8″ round cakes. I was initially going to do a chocolate mud cake, but at the last minute, I opted for red velvet for two reasons: 1) It’s her favorite cake flavor; and 2) It would be red when you cut into cookie monster. Ok, so I guess that’s a little gross, but the crazy in me finds it funny at the same time. Anyway, stacked the two round cakes with nutella buttercream (again, her favorite) and cut out a small section out of the top layer. I would describe this section as a secant from the top of the top layer between 90-120 degrees and sliced at an angle approximately 45 degrees from the top plane towards the bottom plane. Please excuse the crudeness of my drawing, but hopefully this helps:

cake cutting guide

Then comes the fun part! I dyed some buttercream frosting black and drew a semicircle on the angled edge that you just cut, using the diameter part of the circle parallel and close to the slice at the top of the top layer of the cake. Then, I dyed some more of the buttercream frosting blue and used the Wilton tip #233 to make the fur. For this to come out nicely, I started at the bottom of the cake and worked my way to the top. You place the tip on the edge of the cake and as you squeeze the bag, pull away from the cake perpendicularly. Stop squeezing when you reach the desired fur length and the “fur” should fall naturally, giving the effect you want.

cookie monster cake
cookie monster cake

For the other details, I covered two oreos (in this case the watermelon flavor, but it really doesn’t matter) with white buttercream frosting and used the same black I used on the mouth for the pupils. I then placed some chocolate chip cookies (in this case, the crunchy chips ahoy ones) in the mouth and around the front. I made sure to break the cookies into pieces right above the mouth area so that all the little crumbs that fall when that happens just scatters in the fur. I even threw in a few extra small pieces to get the full effect.

cookie monster cut


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