the tahoe macarons

It was recently brought to my attention that I hadn’t posted on this site in over a year. Well, that’s not good. To be honest, I have no excuse, but I will throw some out there. I haven’t really made anything different or post-worthy in a long time. I also had a crappy camera for a while (I was stuck with my old iPhone 3 – and yep, not even 3G) and the few things that may have been somewhat decent, I didn’t have good pictures of anyway.

But now I have a OnePlus (love this phone, by the way) and laziness should no longer be an excuse. Right? Right!

A couple of months ago, my boss ordered 50 french macarons for her family trip to Lake Tahoe. Well, that was one helluva weekend of baking. And waiting. And mixing. And waiting. I decided on 3 flavors, 2 of which needed to be kid friendly. Chocolate is always a favorite. The kids also love watermelon. That was easy because I decided to make those pink and blue. So the third one? I wanted to do something different, something that this group hadn’t tried before. So I went with a traditional Filipino flavor, buko pandan. That makes green!

Basically, buko is young coconut and pandan is a type of leaf with a distinct aroma. They make quite the perfect pairing and can be found as a flavor in many Filipino desserts from sticky rice to ice cream.

japsierons macarons
japsierons macarons

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