the 50th birthday cake

I’ve been posting a lot of pink lately (probably more often that I even realize) so I thought I’d mix it up a little and this time, go green! This year was my Ninang (Godmother) Candy’s 50th birthday. Of course, my mom and I wanted to make the her cake for the party. She wanted everything to be green. Green!

Although my mom and I made most of the decorations at home, we flew to Detroit from SF on a Wednesday night (the red eye) and I spent all of Thursday and Friday baking up a storm. Here’s how her cake turned out. Green per her request and gold to represent her 50th birthday.

Ninang's green cake

Of course, with over 150 guests at the party, we could not stop there. I also baked an additional 75 (yep, 75!) cupcakes. I used the salted caramel cupcake recipe from here and went with a Andes chocolate mint cupcake for the second flavor, which I found here. Serious success.

Ninangs cupcakes

The party was excellent and I was happy to spend time with the family. In the end, my Ninang’s cake spread turned out like this.

Ninang's 50th birthday cake



the salted caramel cupcakes

One of my favorite cupcake recipes is definitely the salted caramel cupcake recipe that I found here. It’s a little complicated because there are a few steps, but it’s totally worth it. It also makes a lot of cupcakes but believe me, they taste so good that you’re going to need them.

salted caramel cupcakes 1

I made them for a BBQ we had at our place late last year and I couldn’t decide how I wanted to decorate them. They’re so pretty! But I knew I wanted them to be light, pretty colors, so I went with these four designs. They turned out pretty and delicious (exactly how I like my cupcakes) and literally inhaled by all the guests.

salted caramel cupcakes 2

the school spirit cupcakes

I was so proud of my little cousin because her 6th grade varsity volleyball team made it to the playoffs a couple of weeks back. Congratulations, St. Veronica’s! They were so happy and excited, it wasn’t hard to smile about it. Or pose about it, for that matter!

Because the girls are so cute, I was inspired to make some school spirit cupcakes to celebrate the end of their season. I made a plain vanilla cupcake and initially, I wanted to dye the whole cupcake green. But instead, my mom had the great suggestion to do a green swirl instead. So, right before putting the batter in the cupcake tins, I put in a few drops of the green dye and swirled it around. Just a little bit. I also cut out some black SV’s to decorate it after.

They turned out perfectly! Once the cupcakes were cooled, I iced it with a salted caramel buttercream, some green sugar crystals and the fondant SV’s.

chocolate hazelnut roses

When we were making Juwa’s birthday cake for the weekend (upcoming post, btw!), there was a little bit of extra chocolate cake batter left over, which we decided to make into cupcakes. We ended up with just 6 cupcakes but I thought it would be the perfect chance to practice making icing roses.

I took some of the basic vanilla buttercream icing (here’s an example of a basic recipe) that we made and well, I have a confession. I kinda cheated a little bit. I added a little bit of Nutella to flavor it. A little Nutella goes a long way, so the ratio was approximately 2 tbs to 1 cup of icing. Keep in mind that this was at about 10pm and we still had Juwa’s cake to decorate for the day after. Anyway, I thought it would go perfectly with the chocolate cupcake and I was not mistaken! In fact, it tasted so good (even approved by my 11 year old cousin) that we decided to make it the filling for Juwa’s birthday cake too!

To make the rose design on the cupcake, I used a Wilton 1M star tip (and I believe you can use any other star shaped tip). You make sure that the tip is vertical – pointing down and perpendicular to the cupcake surface. Start in the middle and slowly swirl around in a snail pattern. Easy as that!

the minecraft cake

Last week, my mom’s friend asked her if should could make a cake and cupcakes for her daughters’ birthday party. Another chance to make a cake? Of course my mom is going to say yes.

Now, a little sidenote here. I will admit that I am a huge nerd. Like, ridiculous. So please do not take the rest of this post the wrong way. Let me continue.

The theme of the cake that the girls wanted was Minecraft. So my mom asks me, “What’s Minecraft?” I had only seen my friend play it for about 10 minutes (he showed me the house he built, killed some sheep and walked around a bit) but I had a slight idea of what it was. Needless to say, I was really surprised by the cake theme idea and asked myself, “Why on earth would they want a Minecraft cake? The graphics are not pretty so what would the cake look like?” Regardless, I Googled some pictures for my mom to see and well, she had the same reaction as me!

We decided to make a cube cake, just like the little square thingies that you can dig up in the game. Which meant that my mom had to cut up a whole bunch of little squares. Over 400 of them to be exact!

The cube cake was red velvet with chocolate chips and a cream cheese frosting. Then after doing that, we realized that the red and white thing was an actual cake in the game. LOL, who would’ve guessed? Certainly not me! So instead of the usual cupcakes surrounding our little cube cake, my mom decided to make square cupcake Minecraft cakes instead. They were chocolate cake with chocolate fudge icing. Here’s how both parts of this Minecraft themed cake turned out:

the calamansi cupcakes

My friend, Cat, sent me a gift.

See, when Alex and I were on our wonderful island hopping trip to the Philippines, one of the stops we made was Boracay. My friend, Choi, told us about this great place on the island (a little hidden but not impossible to find – though I have to admit, walking there from the tricycle, I was definitely scared that someone would come and grab me) call Real Coffee and Tea Cafe. There, apparently, they made some infamous calamansi muffins. There’s a whole story about how Alex and I ended up with 6 dozen muffins, but that’s for another time.

By the way, for those of you who aren’t Filipino and don’t know what calamansi is, it’s a tiny Filipino citrus fruit whose juice is very similar to a lemon. Here’s a picture that I found on the internet:

Anyway, so the other day, Cat found the recipe online and sent it to me. Naturally, I wanted to try it right away. Mine kind of turned out more like cupcakes, so I added a calamansi frosting on top and well, it was delicious.

the angry bird cupcakes

Tita Anna asked us to make cupcakes for Gab-gab’s 5th birthday. He was having his party at  Chuck E. Cheese and she wanted something that the kids could easily grab and eat. When we asked Gab what theme he wanted, it was an easy decision on his part: Angry Birds.

At first my mom was a little stressed but after she looked at some pictures online of what the Angry Birds actually looked like, she spent one morning while I was in class, making the birds and even some pigs out of fondant. When I came home, here’s what I found on the kitchen table:

We decided to make a big cupcake so that Gab-gab could have a place to blow his candles and have the cupcakes around it. We made a big vanilla crunch flavored cupcake (using chocolate crunch pieces in the batter) and then two different flavors for the cupcakes for the kids: double chocolate chip and cookies and cream (using ground up oreos in the batter). Then it was the fun part: decoration. Here’s how it turned out. Note the little nest and eggs that I made from the leftover fondant on one of the cupcakes. 🙂