the pink & green macarons

Let’s combine the last two color themes into one great box of japsierons.

Green: pistachio – this is probably my most ordered flavor. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of pistachio but a wide range of people like it and I am quite happy to make it.

Pink: pink velvet – this is my velvet-y chocolate flavor. I initially made the color of it pink because I thought it was much cuter, but I recently found some brown color at one of my favorite stores, Sur La Table, so I am going to slowly transition chocolate into brown colored macarons. But first, I must think of a new flavor for the pink ones.

Any suggestions totally welcome!

pink and green macarons


the xbox 360 cake

This year, my cousin, Icee turned 12. Being the typical boy, he spends a lot of time playing games on his Xbox. And whenever you asked him what he wanted for presents, his answer would either be an Xbox game or Xbox Live points. So, naturally, the first idea I had when it came to thinking of his cake design was, of course, an Xbox.

xbox 360 console cake

I chose the 360 because I liked the cleanliness of the white design. Simple, and the small details are a stand out. Plus, let’s face it: we learned from the camera cake pops that white food is definitely more appetizing than black food, right? Anyway, here’s how his cake turned out. I definitely had the most fun making the controller.

xbox and controller cake

What do you think? Any ideas for future cakes?

the 50th birthday cake

I’ve been posting a lot of pink lately (probably more often that I even realize) so I thought I’d mix it up a little and this time, go green! This year was my Ninang (Godmother) Candy’s 50th birthday. Of course, my mom and I wanted to make the her cake for the party. She wanted everything to be green. Green!

Although my mom and I made most of the decorations at home, we flew to Detroit from SF on a Wednesday night (the red eye) and I spent all of Thursday and Friday baking up a storm. Here’s how her cake turned out. Green per her request and gold to represent her 50th birthday.

Ninang's green cake

Of course, with over 150 guests at the party, we could not stop there. I also baked an additional 75 (yep, 75!) cupcakes. I used the salted caramel cupcake recipe from here and went with a Andes chocolate mint cupcake for the second flavor, which I found here. Serious success.

Ninangs cupcakes

The party was excellent and I was happy to spend time with the family. In the end, my Ninang’s cake spread turned out like this.

Ninang's 50th birthday cake


the pink velvet macarons

I always see those macarons with the design on the shell but was really scared to try it because well, I mean, we all know how temperamental those shells can be…what more when you add something on them? Anyway, so I made the bestie some pink velvet macarons for his birthday and decided that it would be the perfect to try a little decoration. Needless to say, it was quite a success and I am now not afraid to experiment with adding just a little something to my macaron shells.

pink velvet japsieron shells

I got this cute little box to put them in (ok, maybe not so little ‘cuz it fit almost 3 dozen) and I must say, they turned out great. And delish!

pink velvet japsierons

I also think that they are great colors for Easter too! Is anyone making pastel colored macarons this Easter?

the pink and black pops

My mom’s coworker had a niece that was celebrating her 15th birthday and asked me to make 60 cake pops for the party. Sixty!! I’ve never made that many cake pops at once. I think the most was Dani’s bday pops, which I believe totalled only 26. Luckily, my lola (grandma) was in town visiting and she really wanted to help so at least I didn’t have to do it on my own.

I asked what the theme of the party was and my mom’s coworker said that she would send over some of the ribbons they were using and I could decide what to do from that. When I saw that she sent over pink, black and white dotty ribbons, I could not be happier. Naturally, I kept with the pink, black and white theme and I think that the cake pops turned out quite nicely.

Pink, black, white cake pops

I used both pink and white chocolate for the coating of the cake pops. To decorate, a used a combination of pink sugar, white nonpareils and the pink/black/yellow nonpareil mixture. This was the first layer in the box, but I assure you, we filled it up pretty easily.

Pink black white cake pops 2

the salted caramel cupcakes

One of my favorite cupcake recipes is definitely the salted caramel cupcake recipe that I found here. It’s a little complicated because there are a few steps, but it’s totally worth it. It also makes a lot of cupcakes but believe me, they taste so good that you’re going to need them.

salted caramel cupcakes 1

I made them for a BBQ we had at our place late last year and I couldn’t decide how I wanted to decorate them. They’re so pretty! But I knew I wanted them to be light, pretty colors, so I went with these four designs. They turned out pretty and delicious (exactly how I like my cupcakes) and literally inhaled by all the guests.

salted caramel cupcakes 2